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Covid vaccination - Boosters and 12-15 year old healthy children Posted on 21 Mar 2022

Details were provided yesterday to practices on how the booster programme and the plans for 12-15 year old healthy children.

So - 12 to 15 year old healthy children - vaccination will be provided at school by the school immunisation service and it is planned that they will be offered/jabbed before October half term. Please do not contact us - your school will be in contact with you when the time is right!

Covid Boosters - groups 1-9 will receive a booster vaccination, strictly in group order. The vaccine will be Pfizer. There must be a minimum of 6 months from your second dose. The practice will plan vaccination clinics once we know when we are getting vaccine and we will call patients when it is their turn. Please do not contact us to ask when or try and book - we are not able to answer these questions.

Patients who are immuno suppressed are currently being called for a 3rd dose (this isn't a booster - its a 3rd dose and a booster may or may not follow in the future - we haven't been advised yet.) We are calling the relevant patients for the 3rd dose based on clinical history. At the end of September we will receive a full list of those entitled, so if you believe you are in this group and haven't been called, please wait until early October before contacting us to challenge it - we do not have the full clinical searches yet and will not be able to see if you are in the group.

So - in summary - please be patient and we will call you as soon as we are able to offer the service.

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