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Covid Vaccinations Posted on 7 Jan 2021

Vaccination commenced in December and the practice continues to vaccinate in accordance with the priority gropus as detailed by the Government, currently working through our 80 year old plus, before moving on to the next group.

Vaccine arrives at very short notice and booking the appointments is a long process - every 10 hour clinic needs 10 hours plus of admin time to contact and book patients. This is on top of our normal workload and comes at a time when practice (in common with all other practices) is already working short of staff due to poisitve covid tests of staff or family members - or staff being isolation due to symtomatic themselves or due to family members. 

Please therefore DON'T call us to chase when you will receive the vaccine - we will contact you as soon as it is your turn and we have the vaccine deliveries confirmed. This will allow staff the time to deal with routine matters and the extra work that the vaccination programme has placed on us. Please be patient - this is a logistical nightmare situation for everyone - we are doing our very best!


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